Light at work

Global illumination is a network of multi talented freelancers creating visual and audio content for various media outputs ranging from TV commercials, experimental short films, documentaries, music videos, through stage designs to complex video mapping projects.

Whether it is live action, full CGI or the blend of both, GI is a one stop creative shop, looking after the entire process from concept to final delivery. With over 10 years experience in production, we pick the best talent and execution method suitable for the actual project.

Working closely with long time friends at Bose Collins Creative Consultancy, the team have produced a vast amount of work for global brands like Audi, British Airways, Dove, National Geographic, Nespresso, Nissan, Nike, Magnum, Lipton and many more.



The love of psychedelic culture.

When it comes to stage design and VJ-ing, GI's common vision is to combine stunning, original visuals with uplifting messaging. The core team members first got connected to the psychedelic culture back in the mid nineties. Since then, their skills have been polished through creating numerous video installations, stage designs, and audio-video performances for transformational festivals like Ozora, S.U.N. and Boom. Global Illumination was part of the creative team behind the S.U.N. Festival in Hungary in 2013 and 2014 and have been developing main stage vision for OZORA since 2015. GI were also responsible for delivering unique psychedelic visuals for Alchemy Circle stage at BoomFestival  in 2016, performed numerous shows around the globe including Hologram Show for Iboga records’ 20 years celebration tour, Dreamstate’s Alteza stage (USA), Rainbow Serpent Australia and One Day Ozora in Tokyo…